About Us

Yosga is a IT startup company that has the goal to empower individuals who would be a weak existence, in this dramatically ever changing world. With the overwhelming power of individuals, we will open up the vibrant future with you.

Our Idea

Early computers evolved around military related field. It was because fast computational power was needed to calculate the trajectories of missiles. For so long, computers were not available to individuals, and limited to the use in government organization like military, or biggest companies. Then came Steve Jobs. He created the personal computer with the idea that every person should use it. He empowered individuals by computers. We don’t forget what he thought about. We support his idea.

Our Mission

COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 changed the world completely. And It revealed ever expanding globalization to people around the world. In the critical situation like this, individuals can have little power. In many countries over the world, big powers like government are showing off their existence. This pandemic, however, told people unexpected power of IT technology. People talked to each other online during lock down. In this vibrantly moving world, through our services empowered by IT technology, empowering individuals is our biggest mission.

Company Info

Company Name

Yosga Co., Ltd.


Nishi-Shinjuku 7-4-7 Imas Hamada Bldg. 5F, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan








Tatsuro Taneyoshi

Business Areas

Planning, Creation, Sales, Distribution, and Management of Websites, Web Contents, and other Internet related Services.


Online Language Learning, Online IT technology Learning services, etc.


July 2020